AUFC - Sununu Votes to Dismantle Medicare

While McCain Skips Vote in Favor of Raising CampaignCash, Sealing Fate on Razor Thin Vote, Sununu and Gregg Support Effort to BlockBill to Improve Medicare for Seniors and Pharmacists and Prevent Cuts toDoctor’s Fees Under Medicare That Will Undermine Most SuccessfulGovernment Healthcare Program in History

Washington – At the behest of President Bush and the Health InsuranceIndustry, John Sununu and Judd Gregg supported an effort in the Senate lastnight to block the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act –legislation which received broad bipartisan support in the House and whichwould have improved Medicare for seniors, the disabled, rural residents andpharmacists and would have prevented a cut in doctor’s fees scheduled fornext month.

The cut indoctors’ fees under Medicare, which now will take place as a result ofRepublicans blocking action on this legislation last night, will have animmediate and harmful impact on millions of seniors as physicians are likely tocurtail or suspend services to Medicare beneficiaries.

“JohnMcCain was more interested in raising campaign cash than protecting Medicarefor seniors – while John Sununu, Judd Gregg and the rest of theBush-Republicans were more interested in their loyalty to the President andinsurance companies than standing up for seniors, pharmacists anddoctors,” said Brad Woodhouse of Americans United for Change which hasbeen working to eliminate insurance company subsidies under the MedicareAdvantage program. Cuts to such subsidies, in part, would have been usedto prevent cuts to physicians’ reimbursements under Medicare.

“Lastnight’s vote is a microcosm of the Bush-Republican Legacy: put thecorporate interests first and everyone else be damned,” Woodhousecontinued. “New Hampshire’sseniors can thank John Sununu, Judd Gregg, John McCain, George Bush and SenateRepublicans for wreaking havoc on Medicare and placing their health and wellbeing at risk. Of course, after eight years where Bush-McCain-Republicanshave tried every maneuver to dismantle the safety net for seniors – fromthe failed effort to privatize Social Security, to the giveaways to big Pharmain the Medicare prescription drug program – should anyone really besurprised. Next month the Senate will consider this vital legislationagain. The question is – this time, will John Sununu and Judd Greggstand with seniors – or with Bush and the insurance companies which haveput us in this healthcare mess in the first place.”

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