Steiner For Congress - The 2nd Amendment as a Private Right Prevails

Constitution and the People Win!

Congressional candidate Jim Steiner issued the following comment regarding the decision today in District of Columbia v. Heller, the U.S. Supreme Court decision finding unconstitutional the D.C. law that attempted to place severe restrictions on gun ownership and storage within Washington, D.C.:

"The Second Amendment is properly interpreted to provide the right intended by the framers of the Constitution for citizens to be free to own and possess weapons and to keep them in our homes, i.e. 'the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.'  I applaud the five members of the Supreme Court who made up the majority to uphold this right."

"This decision is the first to uphold a court of appeals decision voiding a law under 2nd Amendment grounds.  It should help clarify this basic right.  Perhaps it will mean Congress can focus on other pressing issues now that the Supreme court has spoken on this issue."

"The D.C. law amounted to an effort to prohibit weapons that people lawfully have kept routinely in their homes to provide for self-defense, collecting, target shooting, among other valid reasons for gun ownership and possession.  The D.C. law sought to require mandatory disassembly for storage of all such weapons or the mandatory imposition of a trigger lock, both of which would violate the principles set forth in the 2nd Amendment."