AUFC - Shea-Porter Praised in New TV Ad

Americans United for Change Launches New TV Ad Lauding Rep. Carol Shea-Porter for Delivering Real Relief to New Hampshire Seniors,Veterans and Families Who Need it Most

Shea-Porter Recognized for Helping Move Economy Back in the Right Direction After Over 7 Misguided Years of Failed Bush-McCain-GOP ‘Trickle-Down’ Policies


Washington D.C. AmericansUnited for Change, a non-profit progressive issue-advocacy group that recently launched its BushLegacy Project , today unveiled its latest TV ad series called ‘Break’ which recognizes U.S. Reps. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1) for her work towards a stronger economy, especially her success in passing meaningful legislation to provide immediate tax relief for hard working Americans - $1,200 for most families – including vital relief for New Hampshire seniors, veterans and families with children. In addition to Shea-Porter, AUFC also began airing similar ads today recognizing U.S. Representatives Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-20), Nick Lampson (TX-22), and Ciro Rodriguez (TX-23). The four ads are airing on a mix of cable and broadcast television in these Members’ districts and will run through the rest of the week. See script for ‘Break’ below and view the spot here:

“At a time when gas prices, college tuition, and healthcare costs are careening out of control, it’s important to recognize Members of Congress like Carol Shea-Porter who understand and are doing something to address the struggles faced by our nation’s disappearing middle-class. With the help of Congresswoman Shea-Porter, today real help is headed to where it will do the most good to stimulate the economy: into the hands of millions of families, seniors andveterans. Rep. Shea-Porter is helping pick up the pieces after 8 years of failed Bush-McCain-GOP economic policies – policies that cling desperately to a failed philosophy that tax cuts for millionaires and big oil are the only prescription for the ailing economy. As the Bush economy slips further and further towards recession, it’s become painfullyclear for millions of Americans that the answer is not more tax breaks for the rich that never manage to ‘trickle-down’ to the people who really need it. Rep. Shea-Porter’s efforts as part of the new leadership in Congress are helping finally drive a stake in the heart of President Bush and his allies in Congress' failed conservative ideology and ideas.”