NH Rep Ulery Attends ALEC Conference

Representative Jordan Ulery [R-Hillsborough-27(Hudson, Litchfield, Pelham)] was appointed a Criminal Justice Task Force Member to the 2008 Spring meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Ulery is on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee of the House. The conference was held May 15, 16, and 17 in the boyhood home of Alan Ladd, Hot Springs, AK.

Task Force members participated in extensive discussions regarding new developments in legislation from across the United States. Topics under discussion were model legislation regarding mortgage fraud, on-line child predation and the associated process of controlling the on-line release of minor’s personal information, application of bail to convicted offenders, allowing carrying of personal weapons on post secondary public school property, human trafficking and the corollary state control of illegal immigration , and the protection of non-financial release of personal information.

Ulery, working on the Task Force, learned that the issue of human trafficking, especially in the sex trade and building trades, was far more perverse and invasive than the popular media has portrayed the issue. Said the Hudson Representative “Even our neighboring state of Vermont has seen this ugly head of illegal immigration raise its head.” New England is used as a transit point for those brought from Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America to work sex dens or construction as peons (slaves) across the East Coast. “Most of those young women and boys, were brought through New Hampshire to their final destinations. It seems that NewHampshire license plates (on the vehicles used to transport this human traffic) do not attract the attention of law enforcement officials the same way that southwestern or southern states’ plates do,” said Ulery.

In other discussions the elements of watching for mortgage fraud by unscrupulous lenders was carefully discussed. Information from the federal government was not as complete as possible in this area with regard to the Northeast. Nationwide, however, the impact of certain unscrupulous lenders was a factor in the recent so-called ‘sub-prime meltdown.’ Limiting government involvement in business while protecting the rights of citizens requires a delicate touch in crafting of appropriate legislation. Because of federal government requirements mandating the approval of certain loans, it lies to the states to supervise those businesses operating within their borders who prey on residents.

ALEC is a unique non-partisan, public-private consortium bringing together leaders to discuss issues of common concern. The Council is based in Washington, DC and invites members of industry, public activists and legislatures to exchange information and ideas in an open environment designed to foster commonsense approaches to problem solving. The NewHampshire delegation was lead by Rep. Ken Wyler of Kingston. Representatives attending the several different working groups included Representatives Ron Nowe, Richard Barry, Laurie Boyce and others.

Jordan G. Ulery

Member 160th

New Hampshire General Court


Republican - Hillsborough 27th


"Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion." Edmund Burke. Bristol 1774