Shea-Porter for Congress - NH Seniors' Organization Praises Shea-Porter's Voting Record

New Hampshire Seniors’ Organization Praises Shea-Porter’s Voting Record

100% Rating on Seniors’ Issues

Washington , DC – The New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans, a retiree advocacy organization, announced recently that it has awarded Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter a 100% rating for her voting record on seniors’ issues.

The Alliance rates House and Senate members on 10 key votes affecting seniors, including legislation aimed at reducing Medicare prescription drug prices, improving service at the Social Security Administration, preventing oil price gouging, and stopping predatory lending.

“We must not leave seniors vulnerable. It’s my responsibility to work for them and to represent them. I’m honored to receive this recognition,” said Shea-Porter.

During her first month in Congress, Shea-Porter was an original cosponsor of the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2007 (H.R. 4), which requires the federal government to negotiate lower prices for Medicare prescription drugs. The previous Congress, working with the Bush administration, had passed a law preventing the government from negotiating better prices. The new legislation passed the House on January 12, 2007, and is currently pending action in the Senate.

“The government needs to speak up for senior citizens who are the largest consumers of prescription drugs and this bill requires the federal government to do exactly that,” said Shea-Porter.

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