Bosse For Congress - Grant Bosse Files Candidacy for Congress

*Hillsboro Republican first to officially challenge Hodes*

(Concord) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today became the first official challenger to Democratic Congressman Paul Hodes, filing his candidacy at the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office in Concord. Bosse was the first candidate in line as the Secretary of State's office opened this morning at 8AM.

“I’m running for Congress to return Washington to its core priorities; a strong defense, secure borders, and an economy free from political interference,” Bosse said. “Paul Hodes has consistently supported out of control spending, played political games instead of supporting our troops, and abused taxpayer dollars in order to get re-elected. This has to stop.”

Bosse filed with Secretary of State William Gardner this morning to secure his place on the ballot in September’s Republican Primary. He has spent the last four months criss-crossing the Second District, bring his aggressive, grassroots campaign to New Hampshire voters. Bosse says he’s hearing from New Hampshire residents paying the price for Congress’ failed economic policies.

“I’m in this race to reduce Congressional interference in the economy, and in our daily lives. Paul Hodes’ failed policies have slowed the economy, driven up energy prices, and made food more expensive,” Bosse added. “I’m running to reverse these failed policies, and return power back to the people of New Hampshire.”

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