Bow Citizens Coalition - BOW Defeats GSFTC Warrant to Reject Pledge

MAY 28, 2008 BOW NH - At Bow’s Annual Town Meeting on May 28, Bow residents rejected Granite State Fair Tax Coalition’s non-binding petitioned warrant article that urges local candidates, including the Governor, to reject the no-broadbased tax Pledge which candidates take to vote against broadbased sales or income tax if elected.

The article read:

30. To see if the Town will vote to approve the following resolution to be forwarded to our State Representatives, our State Senator and our Governor:

Resolved: We the citizens of Bow, NH believe in a New Hampshire that is just and fair. The property tax has become unjust and unfair. State leaders who take a pledge for no new taxes perpetuate higher and higher property taxes. We call on our State Representatives, our State Senator and our Governor to reject the “Pledge”, have an open discussion covering all options, and adopt a revenue system that lowers property taxes. (Majority Vote Required)

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition is made up of groups funded with $90,000 from outside New Hampshire, mostly under the umbrella of the World Council of Churches, which is an offshoot of the United Nations. One of GSFTC's founders, Mark Fernald, lost his race for the Governor in 2002 when he ran on a pro-income tax platform.

Governor Lynch has taken the Pledge, and promised to veto any sales or income tax, and says he will take the Pledge once again.

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