Bradley For Congress - Jeb Files His Papers with Secretary of State, to Run for Congress in 1st CD

Concord, NH –Surrounded by dozens of friends and supporters, Jeb Bradley today made his candidacy official as he filed his papers with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office.  “Today, the campaign is official and we truly begin our march to success in November!” said Bradley.

Before signing up, Bradley spoke to a crowd on the State House lawn, outlining his plans to win the 1st district Congressional Seat and change Washington for the better.

“I don’t believe that people who are struggling to make mortgage payments and fill the gas tank expect that our representatives in Congress would be voting for the biggest tax increase in history. It make no sense to me the House would pass a $600 tax rebate then in the blink of an eye as if no one was watching  the House would vote for a $3200 tax hike on the average working family in NH” Bradley said. 

He continued, “In a time when we are all tightening our belts, and in some cases, pinching pennies to put food on the table our House members would vote for a bloated farm bill that locks in high food prices. Only in Washington would you pick people’s pockets while they’re sitting down to dinner.”

But most importantly Jeb said, "I find it unconscionable that the House would vote against funding for our troops that are in harm’s way. I will always be there for our men and women bravely serving this country and I will always be there for them when they come home with the honor and dignity they deserve as veterans.