Horn For Congress - Paul Hodes Must Stop Campaigning on the Back of the Taxpayer

NASHUA – Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District called on Congressman Paul Hodes to start paying for his political campaigning out of his campaign account rather than the pockets of the taxpayers.

Last week, Congressman Paul Hodes sent out another mail piece paid for at the taxpayer’s expense. In May, Paul Hodes sent two meaningless mail pieces costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

Paul Hodes also staged political theatre with two opportunistic pieces of legislation conveniently introduced during the campaign season. One of those pieces, sought to ban the Department of Defense from propagandizing the military in order to increase public opinion of our Armed Forces.

This prompted Investor’s Business Daily to say, “ Democrats seem to be motivated largely by the notion that those who wear, or have worn, the uniform of the U.S. armed forces cannot be trusted.”

Jennifer Horn stated, “Paul Hodes has disregarded the duty of his office repeatedly in order to score political points. Paul Hodes continues to showboat in the face of our military, dance to the beat of his party leadership and preen in front of television cameras. He continues to send tax-payer funded mailers telling us about the problems New Hampshire is facing and nothing about what he is doing to fix those problems.”

“At last count, Paul Hodes had $831,932 in the bank for his campaign. Yet, he has the nerve to continually send useless mailers and grandstand at the expense of New Hampshire citizens. My adolescent children have better spending habits than Paul Hodes,” Horn said.

Horn continued, “Paul Hodes has quickly become one of Washington’s worst and something that NewHampshire does not need. Paul Hodes went to change Washington and instead Washington changed him. The time has come that we replace Paul Hodes and start anew. When I am in Congress, I will strive to save the taxpayer every last dime.”