City Republicans Line Up To File

MANCHESTER - Twenty Republicans flooded the City Clerk's Office today to file for state representative, after which they took the steps outside City Hall and offered a "Five-Point Pledge to Manchester."

When the dust settled there were Republican candidates vying for over half of the thirty-five seats in the Manchester delegation, and more were expected to be filled over the coming week. "About a dozen of our candidates weren't able to be here this morning," said Manchester Republican Committee chair Will Infantine, "and we still have a few openings in certain wards. I certainly encourage principled Republicans to stand up and help take back our city and state."

The 5-Point Pledge, signed by every candidate this morning, amounts to a commitment by these candidates to fight to eliminate the estimated $200 million deficit without raising taxes or fees, to attend more than 80% of House sessions, to work to restore parental rights and notification, to oppose unconstitutional and frivolous regulations that infringe upon individuals and businesses, and to reclaim and protect the New Hampshire Advantage.

These five positions neatly illustrate the differences between Republicans and Democrats, according to MRC Secretary Keith Murphy. "Democrats have made a mess of things the two years they've been running things in Concord," said Murphy. "People are tired of massive deficits and 17.5% budget increases. They are tired of being represented by empty chairs in Concord. They are tired of a legislature that says your daughter needs your permission to get an aspirin but can have an abortion without your knowledge. And they are tired of the state government telling them how to live their lives."

The Republican candidates are eager to serve, said Infantine. "These aren't ballot-fillers," he said, "if they're elected, they are committed to representing their constituents in Concord."

Any Republicans interested in running for office are encouraged to visit


I, ________________________, candidate for state representative for Ward ___________________, hereby pledge to the citizens of Manchester:


  • 1) I will fight to eliminate the estimated $200 million state budget deficit without raising taxes or fees.
  • 2) I will keep the commitment made to my constituents by earning an average attendance record of at least 80%.
  • 3) I will vote to restore and protect parental rights, including parental notification.
  • 4) I will oppose unconstitutional legislation and frivolous regulations that infringe upon individuals and businesses.
  • 5) I will work to protect our high quality of life in the "Live Free or Die" state by reclaiming the New Hampshire Advantage, eroded over the last two years.