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Jennifer Horn needs your help.  While Jennifer is the frontrunner in the race to defeat Paul Hodes, she has to raise the necessary funds to soundly beat her primary opponents.  One is a trial lawyer, another is a political operative and the other is a politician that has been hanging around for 20 years. 

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Nashua Telegraph

Pro-Hodes letter draws reply from Horn backer

This letter is in response to Susan Russo's letter of May 11 ("Reader takes offense at critical Hodes letter").

First of all, calling letter writer Kevin Brown names such as politically naive is both childish and unnecessary. Looking at your letter, I see nothing but your non-fact-based Democrat opinion.

You, as Mr. Brown did, included no facts and no reasoning as to why voters should support your respective candidates. As an independent voter, I am tired of the partisan bickering in Washington, which Rep. Paul Hodes is a part of, as were previous elected officials.

Someone like Mrs. Jennifer Horn has no agenda except to better the lives of New Hampshire citizens. I've heard Jennifer Horn answer tough questions and bring good ideas to the table.

Unlike Ms. Russo, I was able to find information on Mrs. Horn both from her Web site and from news sources like The Telegraph.

She brings to the table everything that the people of New Hampshire like: low taxes, limited government and a strong military. Jennifer Horn is a good person and an even better candidate.

Also, I would like to take this time to offer an apology on behalf of Mr. Brown: Congressman Hodes does do stuff in Washington.

A few Sundays ago, I read Kevin Landrigan's column and noticed that Mr. Hodes sent another taxpayer-funded mailer to voters in the 2nd District.

Can't make my mortgage payment, can't fill my gas tank, but at least I have this shiny, four-page insert.

Maureen Kleponis