Prescott Files Candidacy for Executive Council

Russell Prescott Makes Official Candidacy for Executive Council District 3 seat

Kingston, NH - Today, former state Senator Russell Prescott, joined his fellow Republican Executive Council candidates to officially file his candidacy papers for the Executive Council District 3 seat. Prescott has previously announced his district-wide leadership team and Legislators for Prescott coalition. 

"The Executive Council is the last line of defense against out of control state government spending. It's time that we had an Executive Councilor in this seat that treats the taxpayers' dollar like it's their own. I fought against over-taxation and over-spending in the Senate, and that's exactly what I'll do on the Executive Council," said Russell Prescott.

Prescott and his family reside in Kingston. He runs a successful family business with his brother in Exeter that employs 30 people. Prescott served two terms as a NH State Senator for District 19 and District 23.