SEIA Statement on Failure of Senate Climate Legislation

 Statement by Rhone Resch, president of SEIA, on Senate Failure to Pass Climate Change Legislation (Failed Cloture Vote 48-36):

“We applaud Senators Boxer, Lieberman and Warner for drawing attention to much-needed solutions to address global warming. This week’s debate on climate change legislation started an important dialogue in Congress on our nation’s energy future. 

“Despite today’s failure, our leaders have another opportunity to begin reducing carbon emissions in the U.S. Next week, the Senate takes up the Renewable Energy & Job Creation Act of 2008 (H.R. 6049). Passing this legislation will expand the use of carbon-free energy sources like solar, while at the same time stabilize energy prices for consumers and businesses, and improve America’s national energy security.

“Senate leaders can improve the House-passed bill by extending the solar investment tax credit for solar for 8 years and eliminating the $2,000 cap on residential solar.

“It’s no surprise that 85 percent of the American public supports this policy1. It’s time for the Senate to act.”  

(Note 1: Jan. 22 Zogby International poll. See

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