Clegg For Congress - Clegg Launches First Radio AD!

2ND Congressional Candidate Hits The Radio With “A Little Common Sense”

Concord,NH – Bob Clegg, candidate for the republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire, used the day of his filing to also launch the first radio ads of the campaign! The ad, “A Little Common Sense”, began airing Monday morning on radio stations across the district.

“Washington is full of people with advanced degrees….so how come they aren’t smart enough to balance the federal budget or figure out how to let working families keep more of what they earn?” the ad questions.

Clegg voices the 60 second advertisement that will begin play for two weeks. “Those smart guys in Washington have spent a lot of years in school, but they’reflunking when it comes to addressing the challenges that face our nation,” it continues.

The radio spot discusses the need for a more common sense approach to the needs of working families in America who are looking for some relief in these somewhat turbulent economic times.

“A little New Hampshire common sense is exactly what we need for real change in Washington right now,” it concludes.

Clegg launched the advertisement the same day he formally filed his candidacy with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

To hear the ad or learn more about Bob Clegg, just go to his website at