NRCC - $4 Gasoline: Will Hodes Ever Fulfill Promise of Relief?

Democrats Have Offered No Real Solution of Their Own, Hodes Continues to Ignore Soaring Cost of Gasoline

Washington- With the national average for gasoline hitting an astonishing $4 per gallon today, Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02) continues to offer little other than blind partisan loyalty at the expense of his New Hampshire constituents’ pocketbooks. So far he has done nothing to provide relief to his constituents in New Hampshire. Voters are growing increasingly frustrated that Paul Hodes and his Democrat colleagues have refused to consider practical solutions to bring down skyrocketing gas prices. How much longer will voters in New Hampshire have to wait for Hodes to stand up to his party leadership in Washington and bring forth the “commonsense plan” they have been promising since 2006?

When Paul Hodes was sworn in last January, consumers in New Hampshire were paying $2.31 for a gallon of gasoline. Since taking control of Congress, Hodes and his fellow Democrats have ignored the 57 percent of Americans who support expanding domestic energy exploration to help achieve our energy independence.

Paul Hodes and the Democrats in Washington remain out of touch with Americans by refusing to support energy exploration that would increase the supply of oil in America, lower gas prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Now the voters in New Hampshire can thank Hodes for his inaction on energy issues as they shell out $3.96 per gallon – a difference of $1.65 in just over a year.

“As the price of gasoline continues to skyrocket, Paul Hodes and Democrats in Washington continue to do little more than pay lip service to this pressing issue, while people in New Hampshire are paying through the nose,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “The time has come for Hodes and his Washington allies to come forward with solutions, not more partisan rhetoric that simply casts blame elsewhere. Hodes' broken promises seem to be climbing as high and fast as the price at the pump.”

As the state of the economy remains the number one issue on Americans’ minds today, Paul Hodes has offered no solutions, just empty rhetoric. How much higher will gas prices have to rise before Paul Hodes listens to the voters’ calls for relief?

(Source: AAA Fuel Gauge Report)