Steiner For Congress - Statement on the GI Bill

It is not Everything your Father/Mother Had Post WWII, But it Provides Improved Benefits

Candidate for the 2nd CD, Jim Steiner comments on the new G.I. Bill signed into law in the last 24 hours:

"Veterans across the country may cheer that Congress finally passed, and the President signed into law, the new G.I. Bill.  Key components include the opportunity for veterans to pass unneeded benefits to family members, a long period for use after serving the country and, perhaps most key, payment of tuition, a book stipend and a housing stipend not seen since the post WWII G.I. Bill."  Statistically, the WWII G.I. Bill paid back three to four dollars for every dollar paid out as a benefit.  It provided deserving veterans the chance to improve their edication.  The just-passed G.I. Bill comes closer than any previous veterans benefit since WWII.  It is time."