Bradley For Congress - Bradley Announces Public Safety Coalition

First Responders Sign On to Jeb Bradley for Congress

Manchester, NH – Jeb Bradley, New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District Republican Candidate, today announced his Public Safety Coalition. The group is made up of over 50 individuals who protect the public safety in New Hampshire and will advise and help Jeb in his efforts to regain his seat in Congress.

“I am truly honored by the support and advice I have received and will continue to receive from these men and women. Law Enforcement and Fire Chiefs are a unique group of individuals. They chose a path in life that leads them into danger for the safety of strangers,” Bradley said. “I hope they know they always have my complete support and I offer a sincere thank you for theirs.”

“Jeb was instrumental in helping Fire Chiefs throughout New Hampshire gain access to the equipment and the resources necessary to do our job. Jeb supported my department and my personnel when he served our state and I am proud to support him now,” said Roy Greenleaf, Fire Chief for the town of Newington. “Jeb Bradley has toured my municipality many times to learn firsthand about the needs of my community and the impact that risk factors here have on the state as a whole. He and his staff have assisted me in dealing with other government agencies. During Jeb’s time in office, he was never more than a phone call away in my time of need. I would like nothing more than to see him back in Washington where he belongs.”

“Jeb Bradley is the only candidate in this race who not only understands the needs of local law enforcement in terms of funding, but he is also the only candidate who is committed to protecting our nation from the various threats it faces. Jeb always listened to our needs and our advice and then worked 100% of the time to protect Americans.” Chief Wayne Sheehan, Kensington Police Department.

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