Clegg For Congress - Clegg Praises New Veterans License Plates Bill

Concord, NH -- State Senator and 2nd District US Congressional Candidate Bob Clegg today praised the signing into law SB 409. SB 409 eases restrictions on Veterans license plates, reduces fees on vehicle registration for those who have put their life on the line to keep us free. The bill also broadened the definition of Veteran to include those who have fought in "Armed Conflict."

“I was proud to support this change through the State Senate and I am pleased the Governor has signed this bill into law. Our nations veterans, and those currently serving deserve our respect and this bill is one way to honor their service to us,” said Clegg.“Today is one of those times we can be proud of what we have done as a legislature, putting aside our differences to do the right thing.”

The legislature previously passed SB 303, a bill sponsored by Clegg and already signed into law. The bill was sponsored on behalf of a father whose son had served honorably and continues to serve his country today. SB 303 allows for a plate signifying the active duty status of all military personnel. We have long had plates designating members of the National Guard. They will now be joined by members of the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines.

“All men and women who serve honorably in our armed forces deserve tobe recognized and I was thrilled to be part of honoring them in this simpleway,” Clegg noted.