Granite State Progress - Statement about Sen Sununu Co-Sponsoring "Making Health Care More Affordable"

"It's interesting that Senator Sununu decided to publicly announce co-sponsoring the "Making Health Care More Affordable Act" the same week he is under fire for his votes on health care issues.

Senator Sununu's health care legislation is a façade when it comes to ensuring every American has access to quality, affordable health care. Once again, Sununu rolls out his conservative credentials and continues to rely on tax credits and the for-profit insurance industry to solve our country's broken health care system.

Tax credits are a short-term, political trick that do nothing to ensure access to quality, affordable health care and would barely make a dent in average health insurance costs --- average family premiums in New Hampshire are over $12,000. Sununu's health care plan doesn't prevent insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions, like cancer survivors, it does nothing to guarantee a reduction in health care costs and it will not improve the quality of health care in our country.

It's hard enough for families to get good, affordable health care they can count on. If we want health care reform that works, we cannot have elected officials like Senator Sununu proposing so-called "reform proposals" that rely more on private insurance, give us a tax credit that pays for only a fraction of actual health care costs, and do nothing to regulate health insurance practices, premiums or profits.

Earlier this week, a broad coalition of health care organizations and advocates stood on the State House steps and signaled a commitment to make real health care reform a reality. We asked which side people were on. Senator Sununu has decided to continue putting us at the mercy of the private health insurance industry that is charging us more, giving us less and putting company profits before our health."