NRCC - Will Voters in NH Have to Wait Another 200 Years for Shea-Porter to Act on Energy?

Shea-Porter Blocks Coal-to-Liquid Bill in Order to Designate Historic Trail

Washington- While families in New Hampshire continue to struggle with record high gas prices, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) voted again today to block the Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Act (HR 2208) so that the Democrat-led Congress could designate a 227-year-old historic trail from the Revolutionary War (House Roll Call 480) . This was Shea-Porter's second vote in two days to block this energy proposal, which is a bipartisan bill that would help reduce the price of gasoline by encouraging the use of clean coal-to-liquid technology to produce alternative transportation fuels.

Continuing her “do-nothing” approach, Carol Shea-Porter has also failed to sign a discharge petition, which would force a vote on the Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Act:

“House Republicans are circulating the latest in a series of discharge petitions to force floor votes on energy legislation. But this time they are pushing a bill offered by a Democrat.”

“‘A handful of fossil-fuel Democrats, if given the chance, could vote for this,’ said Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., who has worked with Boucher on the bill. ‘We’re just waiting for them to come out of hiding.’’’

“The petition is the GOP’s latest try at forcing House Democratic leaders to bring legislation aimed at boosting domestic energy production to the floor before the House leaves for its August recess.”

“Republicans, confident that the soaring price of gasoline has handed them an issue they can use in the fall campaign, say that majority Democrats have consistently blocked attempts to boost domestic oil and gas production and that the public is becoming increasingly aware of this.” (Congressional Quarterly, 7/9/08)

Carol Shea-Porter may have to remain in hiding as she heads back to her district to face her constituents who are waiting to ask she why she left Washington today without allowing a vote on one single piece of energy legislation.

"While Carol Shea-Porter is ‘busy’ in Washington designating trails, her constituents are still waiting for relief from record gas prices,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “At the rate Carol Shea-Porter and the Democrat-led Congress are operating, it looks like her constituents in New Hampshire will have to wait another 200 years before Democrats in Congress decide to take action on America’s energy crisis.”