Office of Congresswoman Shea-Porter - Shea-Porter Tells Oil Companies to "Get to Work"

Washington, DCCongresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today urged oil companies to begin drilling on lands they already have leased.  Currently, these companies are not producing on 68 million acres of leased land.

With gas at $4 a gallon, it is outrageous that oil companies are literally sitting on 68 million acres of drillable land,” said Shea-Porter. “The price at the pump is making it difficult for hardworking Americans to commute to work and take their children to school .  The oil companies need to get to work today.”

Last month, Shea-Porter co-sponsored H.R. 6251, the “Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act.”  This legislation requires oil companies to begin drilling on the land they currently have leased or face stiff penalties.  The oil companies must “use it or lose it.”

Shea-Porter believes America’s dependency on foreign oil is not just a national security issue, but also an economic and environmental issue.  By drilling on land they already have leased, Shea-Porter believes oil companies can begin to provide some much needed relief at the pump.