NH GOP - Chairman Comments on DNC Chairman Howard Dean's Visit to NH

Concord, NH – NewHampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen issued the following statement regarding DNC Chairman Howard Dean's visit to New Hampshire:

“Howard Dean’s visit to the Granite State today provides an excellent opportunity for him to explain and clarify some of his positions concerning issues that are of extreme importance to New Hampshire voters.

“Many citizens of our state remain concerned about a plethora of Howard Dean’s past statements --especially his opposition to having New Hampshire retain its first in the nation primary. During his stop in New Hampshire, he would do well to clarify his position on our primary once and for all.

“Being from a bordering state, Howard Dean iswell known to New Hampshire -- as are many of his past hysterical statements such as when he said that John McCain ‘runs on his integrity, but he doesn’t seem to have any’.

“New Hampshire voters have made John McCain the winner of two primaries in this state precisely because of his integrity and courage to do what is right for this country. While Barack Obama talks about getting away from ‘slash and burn politics’, the Chairman of his own party continues to slash away without any sense of hypocrisy. New Hampshire voters deserve some answers from Howard Dean on his visit here.”



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