NRCC - Will Shea-Porter Return Rangel's Wrangled Cash?

Rangel Reaps Benefits of Sweetheart Deal, Passes Savings to Colleagues

Washington– Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) has lined her campaign coffers with donations either from Charlie Rangel’s re-election campaign or his political action committee. Shea-Porter ran with her Democrat leaders who promised the American people a “New Direction,” but with this latest story about Rangel grossly underpaying rent for four apartments, one of which violates city code by using it as his campaign office, she finds herself mixed up in the same old culture of backroom deals.

Carol Shea-Porter has become ensnared in this heated story as New Hampshire voters are wondering whether or not she will stand with Charlie Rangel or give back the thousands in campaign cash she accepted from him. To date, Shea-Porter has accepted $14,000 in campaign contributions from Charlie Rangel.

“ Carol Shea-Porter should put personal party loyalty aside and do the right thing by giving back the campaign contributions she took from Charlie Rangel,” said NRCC Spokesman Ken Spain. “Carol Shea-Porter won’t be able to claim that she’s trying to move America in a ‘New Direction’ on the one hand, while defending the politics of corruption on the other.”

The question is simple: Will Carol Shea-Porter live up to her promise of holding elected officials to a higher standard or will she run and hide from her campaign promises once again?