Steiner for Congress - Uses a Segway to Solicit Votes

A segway is worth 100,000 votes like a picture is worth 1,000 words!  That appears to be the message from the July 4 parades.  Jim and one of his daughters rode two segways in each of the Amherst, Lincoln, Waterville and Bradford parades on July 4 and 5 to rave reviews.

People are noticing:  yes, the other candidates are nice people, but there is only one Republican candidate who brings a complete package of business experience, rigorous prior academic preparation, demonstrated leadership, and a proven military service record.

With Naval Academy grad John McCain heading the ticket, West Point grad Jim Steiner is the right man, at the right time, for the 2nd Cong. District. In 2008 it is not a time to "place or show," the only candidate who can "win" is being identified by voters as Jim Steiner.  It is time to get under the parachute and join Steiner for Congress,

Overall, the July 4 parade circuit found more Steiner volunteers in more parades simultaneously than any other candidates.  We split forces the morning of July 4 and sent 15+ to Ashland for that parade, and kept 15 or so in Amherst to join the segways, the Tahoe-mobile/float, and a cooler full of cold water and munchies!  We met other volunteers in Lincoln, lost some who turned the wrong way (but their support in spirit was appreciated) and made Waterville in time to rally the parade faithful before enjoying time at Stinson Lake/Rumney. 

Everyone loved the segways, even the Amherst announcer, the fire truck operators in Lincoln and people "high fiving" us in Waterville.  Bradford was like participating at "home," as Jim's brother and sister-in-law are long-time Bradford residents, and among other supporters, Jim's sister-in-law and niece joined us in that parade so all the locals could make the "Steiner" connection, and they did!

You know the message has been delivered when people at the Saturday Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers asked first "where are the segways?" 

From the weekend of the 4th we jumped into overdrive and headed north for a reception at the Siggins home in Whitefield, segway in tow.  Supporters pledged previously to Sen. Clegg confirmed they are now on board the Steiner campaign.  No doubt the moose did not know what to make of a segway and kept to the woods.

The July 10 BBQ for the Nashua Republican Committee at Holden Farms proved just how strong momentum is moving with the Steiner campaign.  As one prior attendee had commented during Jim's first visit, "I know Jennifer Horn and Bob Clegg well, and consider them friends, but you don't elect your friends to Congress, you elect someone with the right leadership principles.  Jim, tonight you made a strong case why you should be the candidate we all support."  With three campaigns having a presence, and two candidates present, some two-thirds of the attendees left with Steiner yard signs, Steiner for Congress tshirts and bumper stickers, in their choice of "Veterans For" or regular "Steiner for Congress" designs.  Some extras are at the Nashua Republican Committee office - get them before they are gone, or contact the campaign at to secure your material.

July 12 found us back in Nashua for the Fairytale Festival at Greeley Park.  No other candidates made this event, but 4,000-5,000 voters did, as did three separate teams of Steiner volunteers sporting Steiner tshirts (varied over the fesitval day) and, again, many yard signs, tshirts and bumper stickers went to new supporters, including no less than the official "hot dog lady" of Greeley Park!!  This woman knows the right candidate when she meets him.

From Nashua to Newport on the 12th, we joined old friends and new at Swept Away Farm, which proves to be the primer for a fundraiser to be held soon. 

July 13 we enjoyed the companionship of the Amnotts of Pittsfield, for a steamship round BBQ with all the fixins', and new supporters from Pittsfield, Concord, Bow and as far away as Dublin.  A great time had by all.

New stockages of signs and other items are being ordered to meet requests. Requests for tshirts and yard signs have already come in and will be delivered!!

Monday, July 14 will find Jim speaking before the Nashua Federation of Republican Women dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua. 

Now is the time to come on board, get your sign up, put your tshirt on and your bumper sticker displayed. 

Jim Steiner