DNC - Video Blasts Senator McCain For Rewriting His Own Iraq History

Washington, DC - The McCain campaign is working overtime this week trying to rewrite the history of Senator McCain's longstanding support for the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration's conduct of it.  On Meet the Press this weekend, McCain Victory 08 Chair Carly Fiorina made the outrageous claim that McCain did not march in lockstep with President Bush on Iraq:   "But to say John McCain was aligned with President Bush on the prosecution of the war in Iraq is to change history."  Really?  As McCain himself said, "no one has supported President Bush on Iraq more than I have." [Think Progress blog, 4/2/08]

To set the record straight,  the Democratic National Committee today released a new web video, "Rewriting History," that highlights McCain's real record of marching in lockstep with President Bush on the war in Iraq.

A key figure in the Bush Administration's campaign to sell the war, McCain echoed the Bush's Administration's misleading rhetoric in the run-up to the war, praised President Bush's leadership after it started, and echoed his rosy rhetoric about the progress on the ground.  In addition to being consistently wrong on the war, McCain has been consistently inconsistent: offering at least 11 different answers to the question of when he expects the war to end.  Now, despite saying in 2004 that it is "obvious that we would have to leave" if an elected Iraqi government asked us to, McCain has refused to respond to Prime Minister Maliki's request for a timeline for withdrawal.

"John McCain may be trying to rewrite his own history on the war in Iraq, but he can't hide the fact that he has been consistently wrong on Iraq from Day One," said DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney. "After helping lead the Bush Administration's make its misleading case for the war  and offering at least 11 different timelines for when he thinks our troops can come home, Senator McCain refuses to offer any plan for bringing this war to a responsible end.   The last thing we need is four more years of the failed Bush-McCain policies that have stretched our armed forces to a breaking point and allowed the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan to regroup."

To view the DNC's new video "Rewriting History," click here:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=TTwqqfS505c

DNC Video
"Rewriting History"

TEXT:  McCain: Rewriting His Own History On Iraq?

Carly Fiorina: "But to say that John McCain was aligned with President Bush on the prosecution of the war in Iraq is to change history." [Meet the Press, 7/13/08]

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QUESTION: Are you proud of the work and the leadership of the Commander in Chief in this war?

MCCAIN: Yes I am.  I think the President has led with great clarity and I think he's done a great job leading the country. [Hardball, 4/23/03] 

QUESTION: Is it your view that Donald Rumsfeld can continue to be an effective Secretary of Defense?

MCCAIN: Yes, today I do and I believe he's done a fine job.  He's an honorable man. [Hannity &  Colmes, 5/12/04]

MCCAIN: We've got to stay the course and speeches like the President's last night, I think, are important. [CBS Early Show, 6/29/05] 

TEXT: McCain on Iraq:  Wrong Then, Wrong Now