Clegg For Congress - Bob Clegg to Paul Hodes: Return the Rangel Money!

Concord, NH- FoxNews, Charlie Rangel has accepted luxury apartments and a campaign office for grossly below the market value for rented space in New York; sponsored himself a $2 million dollar earmark for a self named “academic center with office space” in NY; solicited money from the very businesses before the Senate Ways & Means Committee he chairs; and used Senate staff and material to solicit donations for the pet project.


“Paul Hodes went to Congress specifically on the platform of returning “ethics” to Congress,” said Clegg.  “So the question is; does Paul stand by his word to the people of New Hampshire or his misplaced loyalty to his political friend and donor?


Paul Hodes has accepted $4000.00 from Senator Rangel in election efforts to Congress, if ethics is his campaign platform, that money should clearly be returned.


“Paul said he’d bring his backbone to Washington.  Let’s see if his backbone is strong enough to stand up to Charlie Rangel and his democratic leaders.  Paul Hodes needs to return the donation to Rangel and tell him his New York Way, is not the New Hampshire way,” Clegg said.