Horn For Congress - Inside the numbers: Horn Outraises Clegg YTD

NASHUA – Analysis of FEC reports filed yesterday by candidates for the Republican Primary in the 2nd District reveal that Jennifer Horn has outraised all her opponents.   Summary of Donations Election Cycle to Date (minus loans made by the candidates) reveal:

Jennifer Horn
$6,702 in-kind donations

Bob Clegg
$64,610 individuals
$12,400 from PACs
$7,500 in-kind donations

Grant Bosse
$27,067 individuals
$7,495 in-kind donations

Jim Steiner
$21,978 individuals
$2,004 in-kind

Jennifer Horn commented: “It’s clear that the voters are not buying what Bob Clegg is trying to sell, so he is trying to buy the election with $250,000 of his own money.  Everyone knows that you can’t buy votes in New Hampshire.  It will take a solid grassroots organization to win and that is what Jennifer is building.  I have more individual donors than any other candidate in the GOP Primary and the support of key activist across the 2nd District.   It only proves once more that I am the only candidate that can beat Paul Hodes and I am the only candidate that can help to elect John Sununu and John McCain in November.”