NRCC - Democrats Running Out the Clock on Energy

Shea-Porter Refuses to Consider Solutions

Washington - Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) voted twice to block a simple step toward lowering the cost of gasoline today. Acting more like a lapdog to party leaders than an independent voice for her constituents, Shea-Porter is putting the Democrat Party’s extremist ideology ahead of common sense solutions to lower the price of gas for families who are being hit hard by rising fuel and food prices (House Roll Call 495 and 497) .

The Fuel Mandate Reduction Act, if passed by Congress, would make America’s fuel easier to produce and get to market, decreasing the cost of gas. By eliminating onerous government mandates, the bill would stop heavy-handed government regulations from driving up the price of gas. Republicans are pushing the Fuel Mandate Reduction Act as part of an “all of the above” strategy to lowering gas prices, focusing on exploration for more fuel supply, conservation to decrease demand, and innovation to develop technologies for the future.

While Republicans have pushed real energy solutions, Shea-Porter and the Democrats have taken political cover and seek to “run out the clock” on Congress by avoiding energy legislation. Earlier this week it was reported that “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appears intent on preventing votes on opening more areas to offshore drilling…” (Roll Call, 7/14/08)

It seems the American public is aware of the Democrat majority’s inaction on energy and is not amused with Shea-Porter and the Democrats’ political games.

“Congress' job approval rating has dropped five percentage points over the past month, from 19% in June to 14% in July, making the current reading the lowest congressional job approval rating in the 34-year Gallup Poll history of asking the question.” (Gallup, 7/16 /08)


“ Carol Shea-Porter has been a lapdog for Democrat Party leaders. Shea-Porter's excuses for blocking meaningful energy legislation are as empty as her voters’ wallets after filling up their gas tanks,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “ Shea-Porter's obstructionist record on energy policy and gas prices is going to earn her a one-way ticket out of Washington in November.”

Unfortunately, Shea-Porter could not tear her self away from her liberal party leaders and vote for a real energy solution. The people of New Hampshire have grown tired of Shea-Porter putting Washington partisanship before real energy solutions.