Obama For President - Releases National TV Ad on New Leadership for a Changing World

30-Second Spot Underscores Barack Obama’s Understanding of National Security in a New Century


CHICAGO – As Barack Obama meets with non-proliferation, biological and cyber terrorism experts today, the Obama campaign unveiled a new ad, one that illustrates why Barack Obama is the candidate prepared to confront the 21st century threats to American security.  Changing World highlights Senator Obama’s record of working across party lines to secure loose nukes as well as his commitment to destroying terrorist networks, rebuilding America’s alliances, and stopping the flow of oil money to hostile regimes.


Changing World will air on national cable beginning Thursday.   


Today Senator Obama is holding a summit on emerging threats to national security at PurdueUniversity.  He will moderate a discussion with Senator Evan Bayh, former Senator and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Sam Nunn, along with other terrorism and non-proliferation experts.  


Click HERE to watch Changing World.  See below for the transcript.  


Changing World Transcript 


Announcer: 40 years ago it was missile silos and the Cold War. 


Today, its cyber attacks…loose nukes…oil money funding terrorism. 


Barack Obama understands our changing world. 


On the Foreign Relations Committee, he co-sponsored a law to lock down loose nuclear weapons.   


As president, he’ll rebuild our alliances to take out terrorist networks... 


And fast-track alternatives so we stop spending billions on oil from hostile nations.  


New leadership for a changing world.  


Obama VO: I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.