DNC to Hold Over 1,000 Platform Meetings In All 50 States

Washington, DC--Last week the Democratic National Committee and Obama for America unveiled Listening to America:  The Democratic Platform for Change, a bold new initiative to involve the American people in the development of the Democratic National Platform, giving Americans the opportunity to organize and engage in Platform Meetings in all 50 states. Just a week after the launch of this ambitious platform program, interest is through the roof and in the last eight days alone, 1,300 platform meetings in all 50 states--including town hall-style meetings, radio call-ins, and web chats--have been scheduled.

Under the leadership of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, Democrats are engaging in a 50-state strategy, showing up in every state, listening to voters, and asking for their votes.  In the same spirit, the DNC is about to launch a "Register for Change" bus tour with Dean to involve as many Americans as possible in the political process and register them to vote.

"Barack Obama's message of change, the 50-state strategy, and these Platform Meetings are all components of the same goals of unity, transparency and change," said Michael Yaki, National Platform Director.  "Americans' immediate and enthusiastic response demonstrates how thirsty Americans are for change, and how eager they are to be heard after seven years of an administration that has ignored people's wishes.  People are no longer interested in my-way-or-the-highway politics. The renewal of America begins with listening to the hopes, fears, and dreams of the American people."

The Platform Meetings will take place in all 50 states from July 18th to July 27th.  Americans nationwide are invited to attend these meetings.  To further the open exchange of ideas, policy representatives from the Obama campaign and the DNC will be on hand in as many meetings as possible.  Each Platform Meeting will produce a written summary, which will be reviewed as part of the drafting process.  

Information about locations of platform meetings can be found at http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/listening/.