Bosse For Congress - 50 Days, 50 Ways to Cut Federal Spending

Bosse calls for abolishing the ethanol boondoggle

(Concord) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today launched “50 Days, 50 Ways to Cut Federal Spending” by proposing to eliminate taxpayer subsidies for ethanol production. Federal farm policy not only mandates
the use of ethanol in gasoline, but provides a 54-cent per gallon subsidy for its production. Bosse would eliminate the program as the first of 50 proposed cuts to the federal budget.

“Our current ethanol policy drives up gas prices, drives up food prices, hurts the environment, and taxpayers get to pay $6.3 billion a year for the privilege,” Bosse said. “It’s time to end the ethanol boondoggle once and for all.”

With 50 days remaining until the September 9^th Republican Congressional Primary, Bosse plans to announce a specific spending cut each and every day until the Election. Bosse has concentrated his grassroots campaign
on smaller government and lower federal spending, and he is the first candidate in the race to propose such specific spending cuts.

“Voters are used to politicians talk about belt-tightening and fiscal discipline, but most candidates aren’t willing to tell us exactly what they would cut if elected,” Bosse added. “Between the waste, the pork, and the programs that simply can’t justify their own existence, I’ll share 50 ways we can cut the federal budget over the next 50 days.”

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