NHGOP: Shaheen's Duck of the Day: Union Card Check Legislation

CONCORD In another attempt to avoid taking a policy position, Jeanne Shaheen is ducking questions about legislation that would deny workers the right to a secret ballot vote on union representation.The bill also exposes workers to intimidation, coercion and retaliation from union organizers.  

The Union Leader reports that Shaheen has refused to offer a position on the legislation despite requests for comment. While she has declined to discuss her stance, the big unions and special interests groups which have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to her campaign, are spearheading efforts to pass the card check bill.  

Exhibiting the same lack of leadership that plagued her six years in office, Shaheen has continually refused to discuss her positions on numerous issues including second amendment rights, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) legislation, and a bill that would increase funding for New Hampshire’s acute care hospitals by over $20 million per year.                                                   

“Instead of clinging to her standard, partisan talking points, Jeanne Shaheen should be honest and upfront about her liberal agenda and record of failed leadership, higher taxes and increased spending.” said New Hampshire GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen.  

“She refuses to tell voters where she stands onthe card check bill, yet she accepts tens of thousands of dollars from the liberal advocacy groups and union bosses who are campaigning for this harmful legislation. New Hampshire voters deserve clear and direct answers from Mrs. Shaheen rather than the artful dodges, carefully scripted responses and canned political rhetoric that have dominated her campaign,” said Cullen.                                                                                                                                                                                        


Jeanne Shaheen Has Failed To AnswerQuestions About Card Check Legislation While Accepting Thousands From Unions: 

The Union Leader: “The opportunity for intimidation is obvious. Employees would lose their right to decide their fate in secret, free from intimidation, and would instead be subject to the bullying of bosses who hold cards out and demand that they sign. Last year this legislation passed in the U.S. House but failed in the Senate. Which makes Jeanne Shaheen's position on it relevant. Voters should ask Shaheen what she thinks about this. If enough people ask, maybe she'll stop dodging the question.” ("Union Rules: NH Goes Evergreen," The Union Leader, 7/18/08)


Jeanne Shaheen Has Accepted $153,750From Labor Unions (OpenSecrets.org,2008 Race: New HampshireRace, Sector Totals)


Jeanne Shaheen Won’t Take AStand On Second Amendment Rights: 

The Eagle Tribune:"U.S. Sen. John Sununu's office released a statement saying the SupremeCourt ruling got ‘it right.’ Former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen did not return calls asking for a comment." ("N.H. residents, GOP politicians applaud high court gun ruling," TheEa gle Tribune, 6/27/08)


The Keene Sentinel: "New Hampshire’s Washington delegation was nearly unanimous in its delight. Republican U.S. Senator Judd Gregg said the ruling was ‘a historic moment,’ adding, ‘I applaud the court’s ruling.’ Republican U.S. Senator John Sununu said the ruling ‘gets it right.’ All the candidates we heard from applauded the decision. We didn’t hear from Governor John Lynch or Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen, however.” (Editorial, "Firearm Clarity?," The KeeneSentinel, 6/30/08)


Jeanne Shaheen Refuses To TellGranite Staters How She Would Vote On FISA:


The NashuaTelegraph: "Presidential candidate Obama is still stuck in some hot water with his liberal base for voting to support the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act legislation that gives retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies that cooperated in the wiretapping President Bush approved after the Sept. 11 attacks…So how would [Jeanne Shaheen] have voted? We’re still waiting for an answer to that question, posed Thursday afternoon." ("State House Watch: Three Bills Waiting ForAction” The Nashua Telegraph, 7/13/08)