Obama For President - Response to Latest McCain Attack Ad

MANCHESTER—The Obama campaign today released the following statement in response to Senator McCain's latest attack ad:


“John McCain said recently that ‘our dangerous dependence on foreign oil has been thirty years in the making, and was caused by the failure of politicians in Washington.’ As someone who’s been in Washington for 26 years, Senator McCain is one of those politicians, and he’s consistently opposed investments in renewable energy that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Now he’s proposing nearly $4 billion in tax breaks for the oil companies and Washington gimmicks that he admits will only provide ‘psychological relief’ to consumers.  Barack Obama has fought for energy independence in the Senate and has a plan to invest $150 billion in renewable sources of energy that will create five million new jobs and provide struggling families with an immediate energy rebate and a $1,000 middle-class tax cut,” said Obama campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor.


Video of McCain explaining that our dependence on foreign oil has been thirty years in the making: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsUK3OMg11c