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July 23, 2008


CEI Releases Report on Growing Regulation

Ten Thousand Commandments, a report by CEI Vice-President Wayne Crews, was released last week on Cost of Government Day. Wayne will soon appear in a John Stossel special report on the tremendous cost of federal regulation.


Check out this VIDEO on Wayne's Ten Thousand Commandments report.


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GSE Bailout Contains Fingerprint Registry!!

by John Berlau 

"While pretty steep, $25 billion of our tax dollars isn’t the only thing many Americans could lose in the just-unveiled GSE bailout bill likely being voted on later today in the House of Representatives. They could lose valuable liberities as well. Despite opposition from a bipartisan coalition including the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Conservative Union, the bill just now being e-mailed around House offices includes the Senate bill’s mandatory fingerprint registry. "



Al Gore Give Me Hope for a better World

by William Yeatman 

"But I’m not complaining. Instead, this is a story about hope. Specifically, it’s about my hope to emulate Al Gore. I want to be like Al Gore for the same reason I listen to rap stars—I covet their conspicuous consumption. Al Gore was born into wealth, but he has made even more money by talking about global warming."



Smoking: A Religious Rite?

by Hans Bader 

"It’s a sign of the times. To get around indoor smoking bans, Dutch smokers are joining 'The Only and Universal Smokers Church of God,' where they can smoke in church. After all, if Prohibition didn’t ban consumption of sacramental wine during Holy Communion, why should smoking regulations ban smoking in church?"



Today’s card check hearing

by Ivan Osorio

"This afternoon, the Senate Republican Conference held a hearing on an ongoing attempt to undermine the secret ballot process in union organizing elections. Specifically at issue is the grossly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which would allow unions to circumvent elections through a process known as 'card check,' whereby the union can organize a workplace by getting a majority of employees to sign union cards — in public, in front of union organizers, who give workers a high-pressure pitch."



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