Granite State Progress Calls for Public Apology From The NH Advantage Coalition

NH Advantage Coalition Executive Director posted insults under a fake name;

Blue Hampshire traced IP address and email to identify Tammy Simmons


Concord, New Hampshire – Blue Hampshire, the state's leading progressive blog, released information today that exposes Tammy Simmons, the NH Advantage Coalition's Executive Director, for purposely hiding her identity and making false statements on the blog in order to support the tax cap and pledge.


According to Blue Hampshire:


Last Thursday I wrote about a Granite State Progress action during Concord's Market Days that was intended to highlight opposition to the NH Advantage Coalition's town by town anti-tax initiative. Four more NHAC and/or tax-related posts later, and suddenly Blue Hampshire found itself with a number of new users who were aggressively pushing the NHAC agenda, writing what has amounted to hundreds of comments back and forth … So. When we did a simple Google search of the email address used to register RockinNH, we were surprised and disappointed to discover that it led to several publicly available web sites showing it to be the email address of Tammy Simmons (one example here with name and the address in question). As this article from Foster's shows, Ms. Simmons is the Executive Director of the NH Advantage Coalition. [Blue Hampshire, 7/23/08]


Blue Hampshire does not restrict staff from participating in the community, but it does call for full disclosure. Simmons purposely tried to mislead people about her true identity, going so far as to write "I thought I had read on [the NHAC] website who exactly was involved with NHAC, but it's not there anymore." and even accuses another user of being on the staff of the NH Advantage Coalition.


"This isn't a situation about a young, overeager staffer making a mistake," said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. "Tammy Simmons is the Executive Director of the NH Advantage Coalition and should know better. She purposely hid her identity in order to sling insults and mislead the conversation around an issue of great importance in New Hampshire. Both Simmons and the NH Advantage Coalition owe Granite State Progress and Blue Hampshire a public apology, and Tammy Simmons should step down or be removed from her leadership position with the NH Advantage Coalition. People in New Hampshire deserve open, honest conversations about policies and issues."


Granite State Progress was the target of an insult from Simmon's very first blog post to Blue Hampshire, and its work to highlight the damaging impact that the local revenue cap could have in communities was the source of most of Simmon's comments.


Granite State Progress sent an email to NH Advantage Coalition Chairman Mike Biundo to call for the public apology and request that Simmons be removed from her post.


* In addition to being the Executive Director of the NH Advantage Coalition, Simmons is also Treasurer of the Manchester Republican Committee and a Republican candidate for the State House, according to Blue Hampshire. A complete list of Simmon's comments are listed at: