Horn For Congress - Hodes Vulnerable According To UNH Poll

Falls Below 50% Against GOP Challengers

NASHUA - Despite an increase in favorability ratings, Paul Hodes has fallen below 50% against both of his GOP Challengers according to a recent UNH poll. Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, issued the following statement:

“This poll proves what we already know: people are unhappy with their current representation in Congress and they want to make a change. Gas prices are out of control, the economy is in disarray and people are worried about losing their jobs and their homes. From Paul Hodes we don’t get solutions, only tax-payer funded mail and photo-ops. This is why over 50% of the people surveyed say they want someone else other than Paul Hodes. “

Voters are ready to change the business as usual mentality in Washington. They want real change. They want someone who will stand up and fight for them, not the special interests. Paul Hodes has failed the people of New Hampshire. When I am in Congress I will fight to make America Energy Independent, Create Good Jobs, and return integrity back to government. This is why people across the district are organizing to send Jennifer Horn to Congress.”