NHGOP - Shaheen's Energy Hypocrisy

CONCORD– As Jeanne Shaheen embarks on a series of staged political photo ops and campaign events this week to discuss energy prices, she continues her fierce opposition to offshore exploration and drilling in ANWR despite her new pledge to “increase domestic energy production.”


While failing to offer details on how she would actually do anything to increase energy production in this country, she is continuing to reject all reasonable attempts to expand our domestic oil supply.


Shaheen is also falsely claiming that voters do not support attempts to increase domestic oil production despite overwhelming support for both offshore exploration and drilling in ANWR. New Hampshire voters deserve to know how Jeanne Shaheen intends to backup her hollow energy rhetoric with a real plan that will actually reduce energy costs for New Hampshire families.


“Jeanne Shaheen can’t have it both ways. She can’t oppose offshore exploration, oppose drilling in ANWR, oppose doing anything to increase our domestic supply of oil, but still claim that she wants to increase domestic energy production.” said New Hampshire GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen.


“Only a politician as out of touch as Jeanne Shaheen could claim that Granite Staters oppose commonsense energy policies that will actually lower the price at the pump. Jeanne Shaheen’s record as governor is one of failed leadership, and now as a candidate for U.S. Senate she has failed to provide a solution to our nation’s energy crisis.”


Jeanne Shaheen Claims That She Understands The “Importance” Of Increasing Domestic Energy Production…


Shaheen: “Throughout the week, Shaheen will talk with New Hampshire voters across the state about the importance of … increasing domestic energy production.” (Shaheen Campaign Press Release, Jeanne Shaheen Talks with New Hampshire Voters This Week About Proposals to Bring Relief from High Gas Prices, End Dependence on Foreign Oil, 7/21/08)


…But She Opposes Every Attempt To Increase Our Domestic Oil Production


Nashua Telegraph: “Sununu has voted to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and lift the ban on offshore drilling. Shaheen opposes both.” (Sununu Faults Shaheen Energy Plans, Nashua Telegraph, 6/26/2008)


Jeanne Shaheen Claims That Voters Don’t Support Offshore Exploration or Drilling In ANWR…


Shaheen: "More drilling is the answer the oil companies are looking for, not the answer New Hampshire families are looking for." (Shaheen Campaign Press Release, John Sununu Votes To Continue Bush-Cheney Energy Policy, Open Up ANWR, Atlantic Costal Waters To Drilling,5/13/08)


…Despite Overwhelming Public Support


Union Leader: “Jeanne Shaheen plans to spend this week talking to New Hampshire voters about energy. The only thing better for Sen. John Sununu would be for her to spend the week talking about taxes. Shaheen thinks high fuel prices give her a winning issue. I think it’s a loser for her and for other Democrats who oppose offshore drilling but cannot explain why. The public (about 75percent) wants drilling. Even a majority of Democrats supports drilling…Politically, Shaheen has a tougher time selling her position than Sununu does. And the more attention she brings to the fact that she opposes drilling, the more that helps Sununu.” (Shaheen’s Week On Energy, The Union Leader Online 7/21/08)