NRCC - Shea-Porter Only Believes Reality When It's Politically Convenient


6 Days Later…Now Thinks Energy Security Could Affect National Security


Washington- Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) represents exactly why the American people are frightened of the Democrats’ political games with energy security and overwhelmingly disapprove of the Democrat Congress. Just six days after she voted with her liberal Democrat leaders to kill a Republican amendment necessary for determining the national security implications of rapidly escalating energy costs (House Roll Call 502), Shea-Porter turned around yesterday and voted for the same national intelligence estimate, this time sponsored by a politically vulnerable Democrat (House Roll Call 520).


Republicans, like Americans, have recognized that energy security is national security, but Democrats have turned a blind-eye to the threat that dependence on hostile foreign sources of energy poses. Republicans have 21st Century real energy solutions, such as H.R. 6566 The American Energy Act, that would increase responsible American exploration, encourage advanced innovation, and promote efficiency, while Democrats remain stuck in past, offering an ultimatum between the environment and energy.


Realizing the political ramifications for ignoring America’s energy and national security, Shea-Porter flip-flopped her vote and jumped on board with the Republican idea of a national intelligence estimate for determining the security implications of rapidly escalating energy costs. Unfortunately, Shea-Porter has also failed to stand up and fight for affordable and efficient energy solutions to reverse rapidly escalating energy costs.


“Carol Shea-Porter must believe that America’s national security is only important when a politically vulnerable Democrat will receive credit for protecting it,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “The people of New Hampshire did not elect Shea-Porter to play partisan political games with their security. They want the long-term, comprehensive approach to energy that Republicans offer.”


While Carol Shea-Porter and the Democrats have spent the last five days figuring out that determining the national security implications of rapidly escalating energy costs might actually be a good idea, Republicans have continued to push for commonsense action on energy solutions to lower these energy costs and try to deliver relief to the American people.