DNC - Disability Rights Leaders Question McCain Ahead of Forum

National Disability Rights Leaders Dubious Over John McCain's Possible Switch on Community Choice Act

WASHINGTON - Marca Bristo, former Chair of the National Council on Disabilities, and Bob Kafka, National Organizer for ADAPT, held a conference call today in advance of John McCain's appearance via satellite at the National Forum on Disability Issues in Columbus, Ohio.   There is speculation that Senator McCain will follow Senator Obama's lead and support the Community Choice Act, despite publicly opposing the legislation as recently as this month.

The Community Choice Act would provide people with disabilities the supports they need to live independently in their communities and make their own choices about their living arrangements.  The bill is a top legislative priority for all Americans with disabilities.
Senator McCain has strongly opposed the legislation. 

Click here to see Senator McCain tell a woman with a disability that he would not support the bill during a town hall meeting in Denver, CO, in early July.

To listen to the remarks from the conference call, click on the link below:


The following are excerpts from the call:

Marca Bristo, former Chair of the National Council on Disabilities (3:58)

"Don't get me wrong.  I am glad that Senator McCain may be following Senator Obama's lead on the Community Choice Act, and we strongly urge him to do so.  But there are so many other issues facing our country and our community.  We have waited for too long over the last eight years for the Administration to act on our concerns. 

Bob Kafka, National Organizer for ADAPT (8:23)

"We have asked Senator Obama to support S 779 (the Community Choice Act); he is a cosponsor.  We have asked Senator McCain; he has adamantly refused."