DNC - 100 Days, 100 Ways McCain Is More of The Same

With 100 days left before the election, the Democratic National Committee today launched a web site highlighting the ways in which John McCain is offering more of the same. The new site (www.100days100ways.com), "100 Days, 100 Ways McCain is More of the Same," will count down to the election, revealing a different way in which McCain represents more of the same old politics and failed policies each day until November 4.

Over the next three months, the "100 Days, 100 Ways" site will expose the top 100 ways McCain represents more of the same, from McCain's same-as-Bush policies on the economy, health care, Social Security, and Iraq to his supporters and staff - like Karl Rove and Steve Schmidt. The site uses multiple mediums, including video, to demonstrate how McCain is more of the same. The new site also offers links to further resources, including the DNC's McCainpedia (www.mccainpedia.org), and gives visitors the chance to share their ways that McCain represents more of the same.

"As the election approaches, Americans are developing a clear sense of who Senator McCain is and why his promise of four more years is the wrong choice for the country," said DNC Communications Director Karen Finney. "In a year when voters are seeking change, we look forward to presenting 100 of the ways in which McCain is out of touch with the American people and represents more of the same failed policies of the last eight years."

Today the site launches the countdown to election day with the hundredth reason McCain is more of the same: Americans say so.

Americans Believe McCain Will Continue Bush's Policies on the Economy and Iraq. Six in ten (61 percent) Americans say that McCain would continue Bush's economic policies and nearly eight in 10 (78 percent) believe that McCain would continue Bush's policies in Iraq.

With 100 days left, the real challenge is picking just 100 ways McCain is more the same.