NH Campaign for Change - Obama Talks to Economists and Business Leaders About Balance in the Economy

Manchester, NH – U.S. Senator Barack Obama today held a meeting with his top economic advisors on America’s pressing economic challenges.  Senator Obama was joined by leading figures from business and labor, Democrats and Republicans to talk about the recent developments in the economy: job loss, financial markets, and the rising costs of oil, food and other commodities.  Participants of the early afternoon meeting included: Warren Buffett, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger, Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt and other economic leaders.

“While Senator McCain claims that there has been “great economic progress”, NewHampshire residents continue to deal with the rising costs of gasoline, groceries and the highest unemployment rate in years,” said Sandra Abrevaya, Communications Director for Obama for America, NewHampshire.  “Today, Barack Obama met with economists and leading figures from the business and labor communities who know how to get us out of the mess created by the failed Bush/McCain policies.  Obama’s $500 “Making Work Pay” tax credit will benefit 800,000 New Hampshire workers, including 90,000 self-employed workers.” 

Participants in today’smeeting discussed how to restore balance to the economy so that entrepreneurship is encouraged and hard work is rewarded.  This was more than just a discussion on how to meet the current challenge, but also how to build an economy for the 21st century in which the broadest number of Americans can share in our prosperity. 

Senator Obama has been ahead of the curve on finding solutions to the current economic woes.  In January, he called for a major fiscal stimulus package centered around rebates to individuals and seniors, a similar plan to what ultimately passed on a bipartisan basis in February.  In March, he was an early champion of legislation to help prevent hundreds of thousands of families from losing their homes – legislation that the President will sign into law this week.