NH Citizens Alliance - Report Links Gas Price Hikes to War in Iraq

Protestors to call on NH Delegation to end the war.


On Tuesday, July 29 at 10:00 a.m. in Senator John Sununu’s office in Manchester, New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans, and Veterans for Peace will release a report that links high gas prices to the Bush Administration’s failed policies in Iraq andthe Middle East. 

According to the National Security Network report, the war in Iraq, the endless talk of a conflict with Iran, and continued instability throughout the Middle East have contributed to volatility and uncertainty in the oil market.  The resulting “security premium” adds as much as 30 percent to the cost of oil.  The report identifies widespread instability in the Middle East—including the war in Iraq—as a major contributing factor to the high price of fuel. 

In releasing the report, the group will call upon the NewHampshire Congressional Delegation to introduce legislation to lower gas pricesby ending the war in Iraq. Outside the office, citizens will protest high gas prices and will hand outcopies of the report to people filling up their gas tanks at the gas stationacross the street. 


WHEN:            Tuesday,July 29, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE:         Senator John Sununu’s Manchester office: 1589 Elm Street, Suite 3

WHO:              New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, NH Alliance for Retired Americans, and Veterans for Peace

WHAT:            Report Release, Public Demonstration, and Call to NH Congressional Delegation to end the war in Iraq