Obama For President - Obama Calls For ‘A New Era of Service’ as NH For Obama Gives Back to Community

Manchester, NH AsS enator Barack Obama delivered a speech on national service in Colorado Springs, CO, New Hampshire for Obama staff and volunteers hit the streets to give back to their community. New Hampshire for Obama staff and volunteers are participating in service activities in soup kitchens, shelters, and community centers in Concord, Keene, Nashua, Manchester, and Hanover in addition to organizing a food drive in Portsmouth.

“When you choose to serve – whether it’s your nation, your community, or simply your neighbor – you are connected to that fundamental American ideal that we want Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness not just for ourselves, but for all Americans,” Senator Obama said today . “That is why this is a great nation. Because time and again, Americans have been willing to serve on stages both great and small; to draw on the same spirit that launched America’s improbable journey to meet the challenges of each defining moment in our history.”

Today, Senator Obama laid out his comprehensive national service agenda, which will create new opportunities for Americans to serve and direct that service to our most pressing national challenges. Obama spoke to members of the service communityand addressed military recruitment, expanding AmeriCorps and other service programs, supporting social innovation, and building service into education.

Nationally, campaign supporters have performed more than 6,400 community service events such as tutoring, building playgrounds, and volunteering at shelters, using the organizing tools at My.BarackObama.com. As president, Obama will work to inspire Americans from all walks of life to serve and will help build the architecture for them to do it. Obama’s plan will:


  • Encourage national service to addressthe great challenges of our time, including combating climate change,extending health care, improving our schools and strengtheningAmerica overseas by showing the world the best of our nation.

  • Expand AmeriCorps to 250,000 slots anddouble the size of the Peace Corps.

  • Integrate service-learning into ourschools and universities to enable students to graduate college with asmany as 17 weeks of service experience under their belts.

  • Provide new service opportunities forworking Americans and retirees.

  • Expand service initiatives that engagedisadvantaged young people and advance their education.

  • Expand the capacity of nonprofits toinnovate and expand successful programs across the country.

  • Enable more Americans to serve in thearmed forces.


For Barack Obama,public service has not been just the slogan of a campaign; it has been thecause of his life. Obama began his career by moving to the South Side ofChicago to direct the Developing Communities Project. Together with acoalition of ministers, Obama set out to improve living conditions in poorneighborhoods plagued by crime and high unemployment. After graduating from lawschool, Obama passed up lucrative law firm jobs to head Project Vote, whichhelped register 150,000 new African American voters in Chicago, the highestnumber ever registered in a single local effort.

Michelle Obama wasfounding executive director of Public Allies Chicago, a leadership developmentprogram that identifies and prepares talented young adults for careers servingthe public good. Obama believes public service is transformative, helping boththe individuals that serve and the communities that benefit.

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