Bosse For Congress - Bosse Earns Conservative Endorsement

Granite Grok Recognizes Bosse's Superior Message, Grassroots Campaign


(Cyberspace) Granite Grok, New Hampshire's leading conservative blog, today endorsed Grant Bosse for Congress in the Second District. Bosse is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Paul Hodes in a five candidate field.


Website co-founder Skip Murphy explained how Bosse has earned their endorsement, "If you feel that government is more often the problem rather than a solution, that it costs more than it should, that government is slowly taking your freedom away via taxes, regulations, and laws - then HE'S YOUR GUY!"


Murphy also praised Bosse's commitment to running an issues-based, grassroots campaign that takes advantages of new media. "We just feel that Grant epitomizes the philosophy, the work ethic, and the knowledge of the Internet that tomorrow's candidates will need - but he is doing it today!" the statement continued.


Bosse commented that he was honored to have earned the support of the conservative website.


"Granite Grok has quickly become one of New Hampshire's leading voices for lower spending, personal responsibility, and open government. I'm thrilled to have earned their endorsement," Bosse said. "Of course, endorsements can't replace hard work and a strong, conservative message. I'm going to keep outworking the competition, and proposing a new spending cut in the federal budget every single day.


Bosse has launched "50 Days, 50 Ways to Cut Federal Spending", an innovative initiative that proposes a new spending cut every day until the September 9th Republican Primary. In the first eleven days of the initiative, Bosse has already proposed more than $8 billion in specific spending cuts. To learn more about Bosse's superior grassroots campaign, go to