DNC Web Video: Gusher of Oil Money for John McCain After Reversal on Drilling

New DNC Video "Gusher" Exposes John McCain's Big Rewards from Big Oil After Reversing His Position on Offshore Oil Drilling
McCain raised as Much from Oil and Gas Interests in June 2008 After His Reversal, $1.1 Million, as he did in Previous 18 Months Combined

Washington, DC
- Following a Sunday Washington Post article entitled "Industry Gushed Money After Reversal On Drilling" exposing Big Oil's big donations to John McCain following his reversal on offshore drilling in June, the Democratic National Committee today released a web video entitled "Gusher" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95NSWsNah60). The web video links McCain's reversal on offshore drilling, his next-day fundraisers with energy executives in Texas, and the resultant dramatic increase in donations from oil and gas industry executives and employees to the McCain campaign.

The web video captures how McCain's shift to same-as-Bush language on offshore drilling won him a thirty-second standing ovation in a room full of oil executives - and a boost from the oil and gas industry that tipped his June fund raising from Big Oil to $1.1 million. McCain raised as much from oil interests in June 2008 after his reversal, $1.1 million, as he did in the previous 18 months combined.

"Like Bush, McCain will reward his Big Oil donors with policies that will boost corporate profits while doing nothing to lower Americans' gas prices," said DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney. "John McCain's tax plan would give $4 billion in tax breaks to the top five oil companies -- and almost nothing to middle-class Americans while the Bush-McCain plan to end to the ban on offshore drilling won't produce a drop of oil for seven years and won't help consumers at the pump for years beyond that. The only immediate result we've seen from John McCain's reversal on offshore oil drilling is to his campaign's bottom line."

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