Horn For Congress - Horn to Hodes Show some Leadership and Support Offshore Drilling

Congressional Candidate Calls on Freshman Class President to Act before One Month Vacation

NASHUA - With one week left before the House goes on a one-month vacation, Jennifer Horn, Republican Candidate for Congress, called on Paul Hodes to demand a vote on off-shore drilling.

According to an Associated Press story that ran on 7/24, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, is vehemently against letting the House vote on offshore drilling. She and Senate Democratic leaders also have shut down normal summer work on spending bills to prevent offshore drilling from getting a legislative footing in the appropriations committees.”

“New Hampshire families are struggling because of the high cost of gas and once again, Congress is choosing political gamesmanship and partisan gridlock over action.  As freshman class president, Paul Hodes should demand that Speaker Pelosi bring a vote to the floor,” said Jennifer Horn.  “In just a few months snow will be falling and families across the 2nd District will be counting their pennies trying to heat their homes.    The time to act is now.  Paul Hodes needs to put partisanship aside and vote for Off-Shore Drilling.  It’s time that Paul Hodes do the right thing and start fighting for the people instead of his party.”

Horn continued: “The issue of off-shore drilling is of paramount importance – with today’s technology it’s now possible to access our own resources with virtually no environmental impact.  While off-shore drilling is not the full solution to energy independence, it’s a giant step in the right direction.  We must do everything possible to relieve the budget-crippling pain American families are feeling every day at the gas pump and right now Paul Hodes is standing in the way.”

“Paul Hodes is an absentee Congressman.  While prices have gone up over 38% in the last 2 years, Paul Hodes offers no solutions, only partisan rhetoric, glossy mailers and photo-ops.  Its no wonder that his approval rating is under 50% according to recent polling,” Horn concluded.