Clegg For Congress - Comments on House Vote to Vacation

Calls on Members to “Get Back to Work!”


Concord, NH—2nd District CongressionalCandidate Bob Clegg released the following statement regarding today’sCongressional vote to recess for five weeks.

“I’ve been a business man my entireadult life and I assure you, I don’t go home until the job is done. Yet, ourmembers of the US House have clearly forgotten they are “Representatives” ofthe people and have decided to go on vacation without voting on drilling,without presenting a plan for energy solutions in America, and withoutadequately addressing the economy.  Paul Hodes and his democratic colleagues,by just one vote, will go on vacation, while the rest of New Hampshire and theUS struggles. 

“Paul Hodes get back to work! Those you represent have forgone their summer vacation because they can’t afford the gas, and their summer barbeques because they can’t afford them. You need to prioritize; either you want to represent us or you want to take a summer vacation.” – Bob Clegg