Horn For Congress - Congressman Hodes Continues to Disappoint NH Families

Horn Calls on Freshman Class President to Act on High Fuel Prices before 5 week Vacation

NASHUA – Paul Hodes has once again let down the people of New Hampshire.   Today, in a close 213-212 vote, the U.S. House voted to adjourn until Sept 8th before bringing up needed relief to reduce the high price of fuel.  Paul Hodes could have changed the vote single-handedly and kept Congress in session so they could work to reduce energy prices.

“Paul Hodes continues to disappoint the people of New Hampshire.  His vote today to go on a 5 week vacation without finishing the business that we sent him to Congress to do, once again reminds us that Paul Hodes will choose his political party over the people of New Hampshire every time,” stated Jennifer Horn.  “I guess he thought no one would notice that he failed to represent the people.  I hope Paul Hodes decides to spend some time in the district during his 5 week vacation so he can see first-hand how his neglect causes New Hampshire families to struggle.” 

Horn continued: “In a sad irony, Paul Hodes voted to go on a 5 week vacation just as families are starting to receive their pre-paid home heating oil bills.  In just a few months snow will be falling and families across the 2nd District will be paying close to double for home heating oil compared to when Paul Hodes entered Congress.  The time to act is now and Paul Hodes should have put partisanship aside and fought to bring relief to New Hampshire by addressing the biggest issue of the day: The high cost of fuel.”

 “We must do everything possible to relieve the budget-crippling pain American families are feeling every day at the gas pump and right now Paul Hodes is standing in the way.  Paul Hodes is an absentee Congressman.  While prices have gone up over 38% in the last 2 years, Paul Hodes offers no solutions, only partisan rhetoric, glossy mailers and photo-ops.  It’s no wonder that his approval rating is under 50% according to recent polling,” Horn concluded.