HRA - Reviewing the 774 Law Changes Enacted this Session

Come next January, the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance is prepared to hit the ground running in its efforts to undo the damage done to New Hampshire by this session’s Democrat-controlled Legislature. In 2007 the New Hampshire Legislature passed, and Governor John Lynch signed 382 chaptered laws. In 2008, the total stands at 392, with additional laws reaching the Governor’s desk daily. While many are single issue bills changing only one statute, others are complicated bills with non-germane amendments attached which can deal with many disparate subjects, many of which have a profound affect on New Hampshire citizens.


The three co-chairs of the Alliance, D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem), Nancy Elliott (R-Merrimack) and Andy Renzullo (R-Hudson) have requested that the Office of Legislative Services catalog the changes in New Hampshire’s laws enacted this session so the organization can review them and plan corrective actions if warranted. "There were so many violations to our liberty and many new taxes and fees this term. The House Republican Alliance will be working over the summer to prepare legislation to correct what was done this term,” Representative Elliott stated.


The three legislators note that, while some bills may be minor tweaks to the law with minimal impact, many are profound and affect New Hampshire’s economy and social fabric. This effort is designed to ferret out and catalog those law changes which did not get the notoriety the big items, such as the Repeal of Parental Notification or the Attacks on Local Control of Education, received. “We are looking for changes that limited personal liberty or damaged New Hampshire’s economy,” states Representative Renzullo. “We want to restore the New Hampshire Advantage.”


The legislators’ research discovered that this session saw a 23.6% increase in the number of laws passed compared to the previous session. “This fits with the 17.5% increase in the budget. If there is one thing the Democrats like more than spending money, it’s passing laws,” noted Renzullo.


The purpose of the House Republican Alliance is to preserve and strengthen the traditional principles and values of the Republican Party through the NH House of Representatives and throughout the state of NH, including fiscal restraint, personal freedom and responsibility, small government, free enterprise and strong families. For more information, please log onto