NRCC - Shea-Porter Takes Vacation, Leaves Families Who Can't Afford Gas Prices Stranded

Shea-Porter Votes to Take Month-Long Vacation Instead of Addressing Energy Crisis

Washington- Apparently Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) is worn out from voting time and time again, all summer long, to block a myriad of Republican proposals aimed at addressing America’s energy crisis. With the final vote total at 213-212, Shea-Porter cast a deciding vote today to take a month-long vacation without passing one meaningful energy bill (House Roll Call 537). While families in New Hampshire can’t afford to take their children on vacation, Carol Shea-Porter leapt at the chance to give herself a nice long break instead of staying in Washington and working to find solutions for bringing down record-high gas prices.

With only two legislative days left before Shea-Porter goes on vacation for over a month, she and her House Democrat colleagues took the time to discuss a so-called “energy strategy” with Barack Obama yesterday, but came out of their meeting with their tanks empty. The entirety of House Democrats and their presidential nominee could only conjure delusions of grandeur, and failed to find a single piece of legislation to deliver relief at the pump.

 “What wasn't addressed, according to several lawmakers at the meeting, was specific legislation to cut the price of gas, a key concern for many voters.” (Chicago Tribune, 7/30/08)

Shea-Porter has used all of her own energy this summer to stand in the way of Republicans’ real energy solutions, such as the American Energy Act, an “all of the above” approach to expand American exploration, promote energy efficiency and conservation and unleash the power of American innovation. However, Carol Shea-Porter and the Democrat-led Congress have failed at every turn to deliver any real energy solutions of their own. 

Carol Shea-Porter apparently thinks that New Hampshire voters are willing to sit around and wait while their congressman goes on vacation as the cost of gasoline continues to soar,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “Voters will want to know how Shea-Porter had the audacity to take a month long vacation after she opposed multiple proposals to ease the pain at the pump while families in New Hampshire are working harder than ever to afford outrageous gas and grocery prices.”

As Carol Shea-Porter heads back to New Hampshire to kick up her heels for the next five weeks, Barack Obama has delusions of grandeur, and Nancy Pelosi works on saving the planet, New Hampshire voters will continue to feel the pain at the pump due to Shea-Porter's inaction in Washington. November is just around the corner, and the voters are ready to show Shea-Porter just how fed up they are with her “do-nothing” approach to America’s energy crisis.